The Human Rights Painting Project

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Wei Jingsheng


Tenzin Gyatso
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The Honorable John Kerry
U.S. Senator, Massachusetts

The Honorable Dennis Kucinich
U.S. Congressman, Ohio

The Honorable John Lewis
U.S. Congressman, Georgia

Ms. Dorothy McSweeny
Chair, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

The Honorable Barbara Mikulski,
U.S. Senator, Maryland

Professor William Schabas
Director, Irish Centre for Human Rights

The Honorable Jan Schakowsky
U.S. Congresswoman, Illinois

The Honorable Pete Stark
U.S. Congressman, California

Mr. John J. Sweeney
President, AFL-CIO

Mr. Wei JingSheng
Chairman, Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition

The Honorable Paul Wellstone
U.S. Senator, Minnesota (Deceased)

The Honorable Frank Wolf
U.S. Congressman, Virginia

Dalai Lama

Sowore Omoyele

Tom Block began the Human Rights Painting Project in 2002 to raise awareness of human rights issues from around the world, as well as support the work of Amnesty International. Among the goals of that vital group are ensuring fair, prompt trials for political prisoners; abolishing torture and other ill treatment of incarcerated persons and ending political killings and "disappearances." It also seeks freedom for all "prisoners of conscience" — people who have been detained for their political, religious or other beliefs or their national or ethnic origin, color, sex or other status.  Read more